The Mars Society India-IIT Bombay Rover Project

Executive Member and Head of Mechanical Subsystem
February 2013 – May 2014

Faculty Advisor: Prof. P. J. Guruprasad, IIT Bombay

Paper: A. Rajagopal, P. Bende, S. Yadav, R. Agarwal, A. Sathawane, A. Kshirsagar, M.C. Hemanth, N. Kumar, P. Gatkine, “Design, Modelling and Control of a 6 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm with specific applications in Planetary Exploration Missions”, 65th International Astronautical Congress, Toronto, Canada, 29 September-3 October, 2014 Link

Arkaroola Mars Robot Challenge- 2016

Media Coverage: IIT-B student team sets foot on ‘Mars’ in expedition Down Under, The Times of India City-Mumbai

Expedition Report: J. Clarke, J. Held, A. Dahl, N. Wheaton and the Arkaroola Mars Robot Challenge Expeditioners, "Field Robotics, Astrobiology and Mars Analogue Research on the Arkaroola Mars Robot Challenge Expedition", Proceedings from the 14th Australian Space Research Conference", 2014 PDF

IIT Bombay's team in Arkaroola Mars Robot Challenge-2016

Arkaroola Mars Robot Challenge-2016 expeditioners

Participating robots in Arkaroola Mars Robot Challenge-2016

Me in a mock astronaut suit, simulating a co-ordinated sample collection task with a rover

Me participating in a field trip for studying Mars-analogue geological features of Arkaroola

Our rover in Arkaroola desert

Our rover climbing an obstacle during terrain traversing test (I am in the background clicking pictures :) )

Our rover collecting a soil sample

These kids got inspired by our rover's design and made a mock model of the same!

Range test of our rover on an airstrip in Arkaroola
Click before an awesome flight on a Cessna 207

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